At Benvarden, we raise Braford Beef Cattle and Miniature Horses.

We are located between Ipswich and Boonah, 15 minutes outside Rosewood.

We are very proud to own this beautiful property which is made up of creek flats and gently rising slopes just below the ranges around Cunninghams Gap.

With over 30 acres of land under cultivation, we are able to grow almost all our own horse and cattle feed and are able to manage
the quality and types of hay needed to meet horse and cattle nutritional requirements.

Broodmares are free to graze in sheltered paddocks all year round, but with smaller yards and stables close to the house
we can supervise young horsesand show stock at all times.

We love what we do! Come for a visit and see for yourself.


Benvarden Miniature Horses
Member of:
Miniature Horse Association of Australia (MHAA)
International Miniature Horse Registry (IMHR)
Australian Miniature Horse Society (AMHS)
American Shetland Pony Club (ASPC)
American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR)
Australian Palouse Pony Association (APPA)

0419 997763